Stunning Smile

    Treat yourself to an unforgettable time of relaxation and comfort
    on your next teeth whitening with Stunning Smile. Nowhere else in
    the city will give you a five star service of elegance, quality and
    immediate result at a competitive price you can count on.

    Secluded in one of Edmonton’s finest downtown facility, the                       Scotia Place Tower 3 Concourse Level, our clinic provides you
    the privacy and serenity you need to escape the busy life while you
    get your teeth whitened. We are located right in the downtown
    core at the Central Station of the LRT, easily accessible to bus
    routes, ample parking stalls and underground parking.    

    We pride ourselves with the latest state of the art laser light, the
    best teeth whitening gel in the market and professional teeth                     whitening specialists who are experts in providing our clients the
    VIP treatment. When you book your treatment with us, it our aim to           exceed your expectations, gain your trust and admiration every
    single time. Stunning Smile is inspected and approved by the
    Alberta Health Services. 
Giving our City its Stunning Smile.

We're all about class and
honest to goodness quality
at best for you.